ESN CPH: Give-Buy-Sell-Rent

This is not a commercial group - no companies or professionals shall advertise. Professionals or companies are not allowed to post in this group. Such posts will be deleted and users banned from further membership of the group. If you feel however that you can offer a professional service, which is of value to our students, get in touch with us. Write to [email protected]

Housing information

The housing market in Copenhagen is indeed problematic. There are thousands of incoming students every semester, and usually some, end up homeless the first few days. ESN does not operate any housing properties and thus the only thing we can is to serve as a platform between outgoing and incoming students - and provide information when possible.

If you are current looking for housing check the websites below. We suggest that you get on every waiting list for dormitories (if you still haven't). Furthermore, be very careful with whom you come in contact and only make deposits to official, legal entities not to random persons you cannot verify their validity - there have been cases of scam, especially through Craigslist.

You can check the owner information of any property in Denmark here:

Websites to check for accommodation: