SALE ADS:....Adverts must contain at least one product for sale. If companies want to advertise on here we don't mind as long as this rule is followed (and of course it's fishing related). All items must have a sale price. We don't do offers round these ways. You should also state where the item should be picked up from.

From this point on, any adverts WITHOUT a price or Location will be removed WITHOUT WARNING. Repeat offenders will be banned.

WANTED ADS:....Guys if you place a wanted advert please provide as much information as possible as what you are looking for, looking to spend, and where in the country you are looking for it if you would like to collect, saves all the hassle of people replying when it is something you are not after. Also if someone replies to your wanted ad could you at least have the decency to reply to them with a simple yes or no..

BUMPS:... 1 Bump every 3 Hours for people selling 1 or 2 items. People selling more than 2 items PLEASE READ::


The current policy with respect to repeated ads is.....Ads cannot be repeated within 3 HOURS unless the ad has been changed significantly i.e. pics added or a price drop etc, simply changing the wording round is not enough.

Any user breaching the policy will get a message from me outlining the repeated ad policy on the site. If they choose to ignore it and continue repeating ads their account will be disabled.

PAYMENTS:.... The best payment type is cash on delivery. Failing that we recommend Paypal. What we don't recommend is sending payments as gifts. If you send payment as a “gift” and something goes wrong there is NO COMEBACK. Any protection you had with paypal is null and void. We the Admin do not take Responsibility

COMMENTING:... If your not interested in the item, don't comment. It's as simple as that. This is our biggest rule. If you go as far as belittling another sellers items and an admin see's this, the ban button with be pressed, no ifs, buts or maybes. If you have a problem with an item take this up with the seller by personal message. Failing that, contact an administrator.

Membership:... This group is entry via invite ONLY. We've got to the point where we are happy with the traffic we receive so we can now be picky over who joins. This way we will slow down the influx of noddys joining. If you have a friend that wishes to join feel free to invite them. However, if someone attempts to join with without an invite. Admin will reject there application immediately. Please ask your friends to read these very guidelines / rules. Remember, YOU are responsible for the people you invite!

EBAY ADVERTS:.... No thanks, repeat offenders will be banned.

POSTING OTHER SITES:....No thanks, repeat offenders will be banned.

GENERAL USE:.... This group is created in mind for you. Rudeness will not be tolerated. Please bare in mind children read this group too, so try not to swear.