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This is the facebook group for the Essex Mums website:

* Businesses can advertise on Wednesdays and Sundays only, unless you are currently advertising on or unless your business directly relates to things to do, groups and non-profit services for families/children etc.
* If someone asks a question that relates to your business, you are welcome to answer whatever the day, but not to spam.
* If you are currently advertising on the main website, you can post about your business on other days but please try to not go overboard.
* Anyone is welcome to post on our Local Business Noticeboard on the forum:
* If you have something to sell, you can do it here: - these posts will be shared with the group by me, but selling posts in here will be deleted.

Finally, please no posts selling animals, no selling of fake goods, no loan companies and no 'get rich quick' schemes - if you have a business opportunity please state the name and nature of the company, don't just post vague info!


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5. Want to chat about your kids?: Then why not start with the Parenting Groups and talk with Mums of other children the same age as your own:

6. Expecting?: Come and tells us your due date (, discuss some name ideas ( and be sure to tell us when baby arrives (!

7: Want to know what's on?: Check out Things to Do and Places to Go

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