Welcome... The intention of this group, is to connect, share wisdom, give, receive, know, become and progress forward individually and collectively on our path of awakening. To live, share, inspire and connect with Love, Light, and Truth.

We are each on a unique path of returning to the full awareness of the Eternal Love, Light, and Truth that Is... The full awareness that we are not separate but ONE.

We each have an opportunity individually, collectively, and together to become fully aware of, and live in LOVE. Let's support each other in this mission. Let's support each other in releasing the filters blocking us from our full expression of Spirit. Together rediscovering and uncovering our radiant inner light and our natural vibrant Divine state of being.
You are here for a reason.

I LOVE You. We are ONE... And I am grateful for this opportunity to connect.


PS. I'm Melanie... I admin this group as well as running

Let's connect and learn, grow, teach, share and evolve together! ♥