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The EH Group is a global community where different people connect with each other. To all the new joined members who want to learn from the basic, please search for the "Topic" using the FB Group search tool.
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#Posting links and asking to send friend requests are not allowed.

We support Open Source and products that we like to use. Each us represent unique opinions, ideals, and technical values. Out of consideration for this diversity, we work to foster an environment where everyone can openly discuss issues and express their views, while respecting the rights of others. When different people get together to share things that are important to them, sometimes these discussions, and posts include controversial topics and content. We believe this dialog mirrors the exchange of ideas and opinions that happens throughout people's lives, in conversations at home, at work, and in classrooms. The EH Group is growing very quickly, with over thousands of peoples in the Group all the time. Keeping a pleasant atmosphere in EH has been the main cause for it to be such an attractive place to both new and experienced users. EH is the home for quite a few people that provide support to anyone that needs it. This is made possible because they adhere to a certain set of unwritten rules, which over time have become stricter. Lately, more people have been wondering about what is allowed and what not, especially since the administrators are becoming stricter. The administrators of the group do lots of work to keep the Group friendly and to keep people happy.

The Rules: This one should not need further explanation, the Rules forms the basics of the pleasant atmosphere in EH. Being nice to each other, being cooperative and respecting each other is a must.

1. No real question is too stupid. The only way to learn is by reading, doing, and asking!
2. Don't flood the Group: Flooding the Group disrupts all conversations. Please don't do it...
3. Don't cross post your question. Ask your question in the group that is most relevant to your query.
4. Don't post in multiple groups or in groups with unrelated topics. You may get REMOVED without warning. A warning will be followed by a BAN if you don't stop...
5. This is a help group, not a social one.
6. Be patient, courteous, and precise...
7. No fb / gmail / yahoo hacking.

--Team EH