You know you're from Ethiopia when...

The group has been set to share important ideas and experiences

Welcome to "You Know you're from ethiopia when....", the largest and most active Habesha Community on Facebook. The purpose of this group is to unite habeshas from all over the world who want to have fun, show love, and have a better understanding of their culture. You do not have to be habesha to join, everyone is welcome. ይህ ግሩፕ ለመሳቅና የቁም ነገር የያዘ ግሩፕ ነው።

Dear Ethiopians I would like to ask you not to use unnecessary expressions which may hurt the moral and the culture of Ethiopians ! don’t oppose others religion and totally don’t talk about politics. If one violates this rule he/she will be removed from the group !

By joining this group, you agree to the terms and conditions. Violation of any of these rules will result in the removal of your post and a warning – serious violations or repeated warnings will result in a temporary or permanent ban from this group, depending upon severity.


- If you have any questions, need some help, or would like something to be removed from this group feel free to inbox me.

- Bealu -