Ethiopia Unity in diversity

The use of the phrase unity in diversity and similar concepts is not a new phenomenon. Its roots reach back hundreds of years in non-western cultures such as indigenous peoples in North America and Taoist societies in 400-500B.C. In premodern Western culture it has been implicit in the organic conceptions of the universe that have been manifest since the ancient Greek and Roman civilisations through medieval Europe and into the Romantic era.

In contemporary times, sociologists and the academics have the following articulations of the above concept :

Unity in diversity is the highest possible attainment of a civilisation, a testimony to the most noble possibilities of the human race. This attainment is made possible through passionate concern for choice, in an atmosphere of social trust.

Ethiopia’s history, melting pot social and cultural intertwined relations of the people of Ethiopia is a living witness for the concept of ‘Unity in Diversity’. This page will continue to promote the concept of Unity in Diversity to strengthen modern Ethiopianism Unity in diversity. You are very welcome to join and share your virtual materials in promoting peace, love and unity for Ethiopia.

May God Bless the peoples of Ethiopia!!