Etsy Listings For Sale

Welcome to "Etsy Listings For Sale" group. This group is designed to help buyers viewing the items for sale offer by the handmade, supplies, and vintage sellers on Etsy.

Please note that this group is open for the sellers on Etsy only. If you are not a seller on Etsy, please do not ask to join.

Due to our time are very limited, we sincerely apologize for unable to continue our verification process to learn whether or not you are a seller on Etsy.

Therefore, If you request to join our group, please kindly help us to expedite your request by posting a link of your listing for sale or your store on Etsy in your facebook's page so we can quickly review it.

If we do not see a link of your listing posted on Etsy or a link of your Etsy's store, regretfully, we simply just ignore your request.

Once you are approved to be a member, please kindly practice our rules as listed below.

Deleting and permanently ban a member is not fun for any of us. Though, if you are not complying to our terms and conditions, you leave us no choices but to permanently remove you for the safety of other members.

Our requests are so simple. Share your listings and treasuries on Etsy, and promote one another, instead of bumping your own listing.

You may post up to 5 listings per day, then please like, or comment, or fave, or share at least a minimum of 3 listings below you.

Please do not post and run. If you do that, we are going to ignore your post, just as you are ignoring ours. We are here to help each other promote, so please take a minute to “Like”, “Comment”, or “Share” or "Fave", whichever way you prefer to promote others. That's all.

Any other postings will be deleted and a member will be permanently removed without warnings.

Let helps keep our group fun and safe to promote.

Last but not least, we do have members that are disabled. Due to their illnesses. They experience difficulty in reading or writing the threads in small letters. It will make it a lot easier for them to write and read the threads in CAPS, so when you see the writing in CAPS, please know that they are not shouting or yelling.

It is not required to join our team on Etsy, but if you like, please check out our team on Etsy at

and visit our team pages at

Thank you so much for joining our group and we hope together, we can promote, and support one another. Cheers & happy selling!


Prospect Buyers, please kindly support our artists, jewelry designers, crocheters, collectors, and so many more sellers around the globe. So, grab your favorite drink, sit back, relax, and enjoy the thousands of listings offer by our members. We thank you for your patronage.