Eurobodalla Small Business Directory

Welcome to the Eurobodalla Small Business Directory.

If you are looking for a business located in the Euroboalla Shire you have come to the right place. We have hundreds of businesses here that offer their goods and services to the local residents.

If you are a small business owner located in the Euroboalla Shire , you can use this group to promote your business to potential clients.

Obviously the more businesses and consumers we have the better it will be so, please feel free to add members to the group.

Who can list their business?

Only business's that operate from within the Euroboalla Shire or offer a service directly to the residents of the Euroboalla Shire can promote their business.

We ask all new businesses that become members to add at least 10 FB friends to the group, because we need customers as well as businesses.

Please enjoy using this group and if you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, please contact me.

Nigel Ayling
Group Administrator

[email protected]
0412 463 386