European Fashion Council

2016:GERMANY and the NETHERLANDS gave a start to the activities ...of the European Fashion Council for the new 2016th... The 30th anniversary marked VDMD, Germany with the 1st year as a part of the EFC Presidential Board... EFC in the finalize of historically ratifications for the future of the European fashion industry during the Dutch presidency of the Council of the European Union...:
2015:The European Fashion Council celebrated its 8th anniversary today, May 19th, 2015. GERMANY ( and SWITZERLAND ( are the 23th and 24th Member States and the newest members of the Presidential Board.
The European Fashion Executive Board (EFEB) was created. The FASHION WEEK ZONE for a legal producing of European Fashion Weeks was formed and also, the European Fashion Council` LEGAL Committee. The unique Bulgarian idea for the European Fashion Capital was initiated and accepted together with the great German idea for European Fashion Ambassadors.
2014: EFC is an eligible organization for alternative sources of long-term financing of European economy through self-financing of activities with proactive approach for development through the potential of the reward-based, equity-based, lending-based and peer-to-peer crowdfunding, in established and new projects as Fashion Week` proposal and implementation of innovations, with the key role of the digital technology and card payments on the internet and in the trade net, exchange of silver and gold coins and bonus vouchers, that EU included in Summary report January 2014 for implementation in new program period Europe 2014-2020:
2012: Eligibled organisation trough the 1st report of the EU-UNESCO Convention for the Protection and Implementation of the Cultural Diversity and new forms of culture such like fashion and fashion design as a new form of world level from May 23, 2012:
2011: Official European NGO/Think-Tank for Fashion and Fashion Design, which unites 19 member states through their official NGO’s in an Union of Arts and Ideas, authorized with the single and united European Identity (Symbol of stars on blue background) as a part of Corps of European Union (from June-December 2011 by EU Polish Presidency):
2010: Registered Organization in the EU with ID: 25337543032-09 as a NGO/Think-Tank for fashion on January 15, 2010:
2007: Registered Organization in the District Court of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Europe with Company Lawsuit 2444/2007 and Ruling 6568 on August 06, 2010