Europeans Party

The Europeans Party was established in London as a consequence o...f the wave of negative reactions in the UK, which have been taken to the extreme against Europeans Union and its Citizens.

The aims and objectives of the party are:

- to promote and develop EU citizenship rights amongst all EU citizens and countries.

- to promote the British national interest within the European Union.

- to promote British and non-British EU citizens' interests within the United Kingdom .

- to promote awareness of voting rights at European parliament and local elections in the UK for non-British EU citizens.

- to encourage voter-participation at European parliament and local elections amongst all EU citizens.

- to promote greater understanding of the local government and EU’s institutions.

We fight against:

- all prejudice and discrimination based upon nationality within the European Union;

- all xenophobia and discrimination based upon race, colour, religion, age, disability, sex and sexual orientation;

- all forms of inequality.