European University at Saint Petersburg Alumni - группа выпускников ЕУСПб

Network of graduates and former students of the European University at Saint Petersburg supporting the university and each other.

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Feel free to invite other former students of EUSP, start discussions, add EUSP-related pictures and post relevant articles and vacancies on the wall.

Group languages are English and Русский.

UPDATED!! Alumni Fundraising by the European EUSP Alumni Chapter:

EUSP alumni in Europe have founded a legal association in Germany and are collecting donations for the benefit of EUSP and its students in particular. Currently we are funding Travel Grants for deserving EUSP students and in the future we also intend to award prizes for the best theses and to be able to co-finance scholarships to EUSP students. For this purpose your donation of any amount is always welcome and highly appreciated. Those within the EU with Euro accounts who are willing to donate on a regular basis, are welcome to set up a standing order for monthly, quarterly or yearly contributions. For those without Euro accounts it costs less fees to just make 1-2 donations per year.

EUSP Alumni (Europe) e.V. has charitable status in Germany. All donations from Germany and donations over 100 € from 13 other EU/EEA (including Switzerland) countries are now tax-deductible. For more information on tax deductability please contact [email protected] before you donate. If you are a taxpayer in Germany any amount will be tax deductible, so please include your postal address so we can send you a confirmation for tax purposes.

If you are outside the EU/EEA (including Switzerland) or do not intend to claim tax back on your donation, you can donate online at:

Otherwise the best way to donate is directly in Euros into our bank account:

Acc. holder: EUSP Alumni (Europe) e.V.
IBAN: DE70 1203 0000 1005 4245 34
German acc. no. 1005424534, BLZ 12030000
Bank: Deutsche Kreditbank AG, Berlin

Please note that except for very minor banking fees, donations go exclusively towards supporting EUSP and its members with travel/conference grants for students, prizes for academic excellence, scholarship and for promoting EUSP and its programmes.
Under no circumstances will any of the funds of the association be paid out to members/administration/board/other individuals as salary, expenses, travel costs, dining, catering, etc.

15-17 April
European Alumni Weekend held successfully in Berlin. Many thanks to all officers, attendees (particularly Prof. Kolonitskiy and Anna Klepikova who traveled from SPB) and to Kino Krokodil for the great German premiere of EUSP-closure-documentary film "Pugovka".

30 October 2010
Alumni meeting with Prof. Temkina in Berlin.

20 October 2010
Alumni & Friends in Europe, the US and Russia donated 3000 € during our summer donation drive this year (2900 € received & 100 € firmly pledged). Many thanks to all of our wonderful and generous donors! You are making our Travel Grant program in support of EUSP students possible.

9 July 2010
EUSP Alumni (Europe) e.V. is at it again - collecting donations for its Summer 2010 Donation Drive which runs until about 9 September.

Donations small and large are highly appreciated. For information on how to donate go to:

26 June 2010
2nd International EUSP Alumni Conference held at EUSP

27 March 2010

EUSP Alumni (Europe) e.V. successfully held its annual members' assembly in Berlin on 27 March. Among other decisions, members voted for the Travel Grant program to go ahead starting this semester and to award best thesis prizes at EUSP as early as next fall semester. Also, the following officers were elected:
President: Andrej Novak (incumbent)
Vice-Presidents: Dr. Maxim Bouev & Peter Morley (both incumbent)
Cash Auditors: Sophie Nesfield (incumbent) & Alexandra Schürfeld (new)

11 June 2009

Between 16 April and 31 May, the European chapter of the EUSP alumni association conducted the EUSP Alumni Europe Travel Grant Donation Drive 2009 with the aim of providing travel grants to Russian and foreign students and has collected 1315 € total, enough to supply 4 travel grants to students of the European University.

20 January 2009

EUSP Alumni (Europe) e.V. is given charitable status in Germany. All donations from Germany and some donations over 100 € from other European countries are now tax-deductible. For more information on tax deductability please contact [email protected] before you donate.

15 November 2008
charitable association European University at St. Petersburg Alumni (Europe) was successfully founded at the London School of Economics and Political Science.It is an institutional and legal framework for Europe-based alumni to complement the existing international alumni network. Our charitable association under German law is able to collect income tax exempt donations from at least 8 European countries (Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Belgium, Italy) for EUSP and its members. This association, is open to all alumni based in Europe (not only EU) as well as other supporting members and is a vehicle of representing alumni vis-à-vis EUSP, donors and the public, for civil society grassroots activity and for the democratic formulation of positions. It also strives to improve the informal alumni network and derive benefits for members, including the organization of alumni activities.

Alumni had a great weekend with a rich programme in London.

Many thanks to all the founding members and everyone who joined us during the weekend. Special thanks to EUSP trustee Dr. Mary McAuley (King's College, London), Dr. Roy Allison (LSE, Dep. of I. R.), Professors Volkhov and Kharkhordin, the IMAR(E)S office and Prof. Klaus Segbers of FU Berlin for their support.

Latest News June 2008:
IMARS celebrates its 10th anniversary. 1st Alumni Conference held at EUSP and Alumni Association formally established.