Evolutionary Anthropology Society Social Network

EAS is a community of scholars interested in applying modern evolutionary theory to the analysis of human biology, behavior, and culture.

As a part of the American Anthropological Association, EAS is interested in helping students present their research at our annual meeting and building ties across scientific sub-disciplines within the diverse field of anthropology.

The EAS Social Network is a forum for discussing research, planning symposia, and forming and maintaining the linkages between researchers of all ranks which are key to productive science.

Please note that while we are interested in general news items, etc., this list is meant to represent the interests of the Evolutionary Anthropology Society. If your posts are far off the mark, we will delete them. If they are continually so, then we will revoke your membership.

***No spamming or irrelevant (e.g., advertising) posts are allowed. They will be removed and your account blocked. To reactivate your account, you will need to send an email to one of the administrators explaining why you wish to remain part of the group.***