Eyes Vs Camera Photography Club

We few Young photographer have created this group. We are here to offer the young and new photographer a base or platform where they can express themselves. We have Only one rule! NO RULE :)

In future we have few things planned, such as:

1) Our own website (under process, possible launch date 2016)
2) Our yearly exhibition (possible date 15 January, 2015)

*** This group is like a family, so u should respect each other and should help each other. All the members are admin here. If u feel anything about the group please share with us. you can advertise your own photography website and fan-page with a photo post :) thanks :)

We believe that art is limitless, so we don't want to bound you with rules, but before posting photos must remember few basic instruction.

1) Comment on others photo.

2) Don't post stolen photos.

3) Don't post anything that may harass any particular religion, person or community.

4) You are allowed to debate with other members but don't start fighting and posting offensive comments.

Thanks For reading and wasting some time, now go and capture something good and post on the group.

Our official fan page : https://www.facebook.com/evcpc
Media partner: https://www.facebook.com/dailybangladesh24.bd