Event Planners Gather

Founded and moderated by BizBash (www.bizbash.com), this is a group of people who take event planning, meeting planning, event marketing, networking, user groups or any other type of gathering seriously. It is a place to share ideas and resources.

While we encourage discussion and referrals, we must insist that posters refrain from making disparaging comments about organizations and individuals.

Promotional Content: All purely self-promotional content will be deleted from the group. Posters will be warned, and asked to create discussions and share ideas or best practices instead. If a poster infringes repeatedly, they will be removed from the group. This policy is being implemented in order to ensure a valuable experience for group members.

To those of you who do post promotional content, I would very much like you to remain active members of our group. And I think you'll find that demonstrating your expertise and imagination in discussion is a far more effective way to promote your business offerings.

-Matthew Bologna, Community Manager

Full Group rules: https://www.facebook.com/groups/eventplannersgather/doc/10150967224790496/