Everything Baby & Toddler

Everything Baby is geared toward strictly items used from newborns to toddlers. Cribs, clothing, play pens, walkers, shoes, changing tables, diapers,toys,toddler beds, the list goes on and on. Price must be made clear in your postings, location, as well as condition of item. I strongly recommend doing a recall search to ensure that the cribs, car seats, toys and other items have not been affected prior to posting. No drop side cribs are to be posted. They are not safe for child use. ***all child size clothing, shoes, ect. may be listed*** This group is primarily for those who reside in and around Jefferson Co. IN. Others may utilize this group with the understanding items must be picked up in Jefferson Co. Unless the other party opts to meet half way or deliver. Absolutely no formula is to be listed for sale.