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Hey Everyone! Shannon Harris here, AKA Shaaanxo. I decided to make this group to aid my YouTube channel and give you all a better avenue to chat with me, ask me questions, etc! I am seeing less and less of your questions on YouTube and Facebook etc as I get more and more comments every day. Here, it will show up on my personal timeline and hopefully I can get back to many more of you!

But, its not all about me! I want you all to get to know each other as well! Share your makeup looks, show us what you have bought lately, ask questions about topics you need advice on, tell us what is or isn't worth trying, or anything else you fancy!

I want this to be a safe and secure atmosphere where you can ask, show, or talk about anything Makeup, Hair, Skin, Nails, Fashion and Advice (advice related to these 5 topics)

If you feel a post is inappropriate, irrelevant or is getting out of hand, please use the little drop down arrow on the post and report it so we can monitor it :)

The only rules I will set down are:

1. Zero bullying tolerance, admins will delete bullies at our discretion.

2. ONE self promo PER WEEK on the admins PINNED post at the top of the page. You may post one link on this thread. The thread will be deleted at the end of the week and a new one will be created.

If someone asks you on your post if you have a YouTube/Blog/Instagram etc then feel free to share it with them. HOWEVER, we will not tolerate 'FILMED THIS LOOK FOR MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL' posts, Instagram screenshots including your username, or anything to that effect. We do not want people to use these as opportunities to delibrately bypass the promo rules. We only say this to KEEP IT FAIR! Watermarks are fine to claim ownership, as long as its not deliberately to self-promo

We have specific areas to share your YouTube channel, Instagram etc in the PHOTOS FOLDER under Social Directory, please make use of this and DO NOT share direct links of your page on the wall.

Giveaway's are subject to ADMIN approval any that are posted in the feed without permission will be removed

Promoting other groups shouldn't be done


4. No spam. Please limit your posts per day to one or two per day

5. Affiliate links are fine IN REPLY TO anyone enquiring about THE SAID WEBSITE. You must disclose that this is an affiliate link. You may not advertise your affiliate code as a new post or in reply to any post that has no relevance.

6. Makeup Swaps - We accept no responsibility for these, it is up to each individual who chooses to take part to safeguard themselves from being scammed Please do this via private message as we do not allow this to be done in the group for many reasons

7. No repetitive posts. Please use the search bar before you post to see if your question has already been discussed.

8. Have lots of fun! I can't wait to get to know you all even better!

Shannon Harris
Olivia Mead
Stacey Banfield
Sally Hickey
Pagan Banfield