Everything Cabarete! "For Sale/Rent, Surf/Kite, complete random ect."


Let this group act as a bulletin board for posting about personally-owned items for sale/rent/trade.

Do you want to go kiting? Do you want to buy or sell something? Do you need a roommate or an apartment? Do you need to ask a specific question as a resident, visitor, consumer?

Bear in mind that this is NOT a place for shops of any kind to sell their products

It has been decided by the people that this is NOT a place for bars, restaurants, hotels, service-providers or businesses of any sort to advertise.

Bars and restaurants who want to post food specials - there is another group for this purpose;


However, bar/discos are allowed to advertise a single special event/party with moderation, ie max ONCE a week with a single post.

Posts (and/or comments) that are deemed to be Spammy/Abusive/Harmful/repeat posts/Controversial/Politically Aggressive/Cause-Aggressive/Slandering/etc will be deleted.

Whilst friendly discussion is encouraged in this group, abusive/impolite/irrelevant/inappropriate posts/comments will not be tolerated and will be deleted without notice.

Please consider this a meant to be a community of friends supporting friends and NOT a public place for spreading rumors, controversial debates, hurtful/hateful/impolite commentary or anything that causes aggressive opinions or debates.