EVERYTHING is $1, $3 or $5

✿ A community to buy, sell, trade or give away items and services.

What can you give or get for $5 or less?

Small businesses, professionals, freelancers and crafters are welcome.

All Rules and guidelines are located in the Files section of this group.

All sellers and buyers, personal or business, must abide by the rules and guidelines located in the Files section.

ALL post listings must be for $5 or less, regardless of who is posting and/or what is posted.

NO business ads, work from home, recruiting representatives, team building, commission based, processing, chain letters, solicitations, etc.

If you are associated with a business or own a business, then your post listing must be EXCLUSIVELY about the $5 or less item or service (with or without a coupon or deal) that you offer.

ONLINE sellers (eBay, Etsy, etc.) are allowed.
Online sellers must only list items that are $5 or less, follow all seller criteria within our rules and guidelines and the items or services cannot be related to anything on the prohibited lists. Online sellers may post external links as long as the link is solely for providing additional product information or for the buyer to make a payment online. The intention of the link must not be to ultimately drive traffic away from this group.

All content, photos and links that lead to spam, ads, click links, affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing programs, unrelated material, scams, anything from our prohibited lists, unsavory websites, misdirection or any other deceitful material will be grounds for the member to be immediately BANNED.