Everything Machine Embroidery

Tips, tricks, ideas, put the wheels in motion and get motivated !! Let's keep it friendly & positive. Talk about anything that is related to your machine, design, project, quilt or appliqué. Promote suggestions or ask for help. Please, No Selling here, but posting a link to your site is ok! Links are not screened, visit or shop at your own discretion.

Since so many embroiders also digitize and want promote or sell their work through groups on facebook- Please post one embroidery design (your own licensed work!) one per month on first Friday of each month. With that picture you may post a link to your group or website. Please state that is yours to sell, the size of the design, # of colors, stitch count & the size hoop it will fit. Maybe since you're also a member of our group offer a discount coupon for their patronage?