COMMENTS EXCHANGE for Bloggers - SEO Friendly

Remember the Golden Rule:
"Do to others what you want others would do to you."

You have found a mind blowing posts on a blog, why not give 1 minute to compliment the persons work by laying a comment on that post.It works like that, commenting on others blog would also attract people to comment on your blog.

This group is building Group Members for the purpose of exchanging thousands of blog comments daily. So join us & tell your friends to join for getting more blog comments. This one of the "Basic Ways To Make Your Blog Popular" and we are updating for SEO Friendly Tips for all members as frequent as it could be.

But remember you must follow these guidelines,

1. Only talk about blog comments exchange.
2. You must add one line in every post "I will comment back yours".
3. Your post must be in English unless it will be deleted.
4. You must comment on others blog post who have commented yours. else your post will be deleted and maybe banned in the future.
5. Do not use short URLs OR Multiple URLs.
6. We will not accept URLs of other groups OR Social Media Vote Selling links.

Build a popular and successful blog - one way by Blog Commenting.

P.S. ->> From time to time check our " File" (Doc's) for useful tips on Exchanging Comments / Blog Commenting.

Group Admin