Exeter Uni Meditation Society


*Thursdays (2/10, 9/10 and 16/10) sessions in Queens LT4.2*: 6 30pm-8pm (led by buddhist chaplain)

All other sessions take place in: QUEENS MR3

Mondays: 6 30pm-8pm (student led or guest speaker)
Thursday (23/10 onwards): 6 30pm-8pm (buddhist chaplain)

Our website: http://exetermeditation.wix.com/exemeditationsociety

The Meditation Society aims to offer anyone the tools they need, through meditation, to cultivate a happier, more compassionate, and less stressful life.

We invite teachers from both Buddhist (e.g. ‘Zen’) and non-Buddhist backgrounds (e.g. ‘Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction’) and each session will focus on a theme of relevance to our daily lives.

The Society is not itself faith-based and runs sessions that could be of benefit to anyone, no matter what their background or faith. We are committed to the cultivation of a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Our main session, on a Monday Evening, aims to be accessible, beginner friendly and relevant for students of today. We also have Meditation courses on a Thursday evening, which will allow you to experience different meditative traditions over several weeks. There will also be regular socials and trips. All are Welcome.