Expat Hong Kong

Welcome to the Expat Hong Kong group, the group designed for those who just can’t wait for the weekend!

Please feel free to join us and share your news and experiences with other like-minded Hong Kongers.

Find out what's hot and what's not, where to go and where not to go and what events are about to hit our shores.

If you're stuck for ideas or local information – then who better to ask than the most informed community inHong Kong !?

Please feel free to invite your friends – the more members we have, the greater the community for all of us to share.

some additional updates:

The group was set up for people in HK (or moving to) to share their news and experiences with others, ask questions, get help etc be more community focused.
Lets try something again to limit the crap/spam postings.
Ask questions, for help finding x, looking for flat mates, just moving here, where the best x, etc etc
Events, social clubs, classes, social gatherings be it special interest or general parties, networking, quizzes, fitness/bootcamps clubs, pubs, Children's playgroups etc can advertise anytime - we like these topics
Yes with care:
Selling your personal items / renting flats/ is ok - but you may prefer Swap-it-hk. If you do post here you must group all photos together and only post once. if it looks rubbish, too many items or a repeat I will delete. (this may move into the NO section if we still get to much) Nothing under $200 as it tends to be crap and clutters up this page.
Businesses that involve social activity, travel, food & drink, sports, fun social stuff. Please offer the group special deals, be creative with you adverts. Please do not post repeatedly. If admins delete or I leave a comment please reduce the frequency.
Event tickets to be sold at face value (+ booking fee) - no value listed it will be deleted.
No No No No
No Property agents (if no mention in the post regarding agent fee free it will be deleted)
No boring business/commercial postings, IT service, investments, property in other countries etc I know this is subjective but if one of the admins delete it - it was boring.
No 'Like my Page' Pay facebook to advertise and don't clutter this page up.
No Smart phone/ipad sells
No None English postings
No Religious postings
No posting the benefits of celery... like we had today... why???
No clothes selling (both commercial or privately) - mainly because those who have been posting have gone over board.
No work from home and become rich....
You get the idea . Yes to questions, helpful, fun stuff. No to boring/Spam.