Expatriates in Paris

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RULES (Updated 04/04/2013)
Please read the group rules.
1. Respect other Members – any abuse to another member and you’ll be instantly removed without warning – this applies whether or not you’re a long term member.
2. No commercial links – any commercial links posted will be removed along with the advertiser without warning, if you are interested in advertising opportunities visit http://www.expatriatesmagazine.com/ ,
3. No community promotion – Any managers promoting their own community will be removed instantly without warning. If you’re interested in bringing expatriates together you can do so as a team member or Partner. Email kknight[at]epsama.com see events here http://www.meetup.com/Expatriates-in-Paris/
4. No illegal Activity
5. Group Admin Loyalties are to its members who use the group to become informed & inform others, members who attend EP events & Team Members.
6. If another member harasses you please let us know (@kevin @ines )
7. The administrators of this group take no responsibility for the comments posted, products orservices offered between members. If you respond to a product/service posted you do so at your own risk.
--> avoid buying anything from someone outside of Paris and unable to meet in person
---> all posts relating to low interest loans are scams and should be avoided
8. STUDENTS - this is not a group to submit research surveys

Events on Meetup

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