Expats in Copenhagen

For all internationals living in Copenhagen, Denmark. To help each other whether that be help with where to search for apartments(see Files), advice how to search for jobs, information about upcoming events, where to find the best deals, tax help, bank help anything where we can help each other as an international community. NO SPAMMING! Sorry we do not allow selling of items in this group. Any sales adds will be deleted. Will post groups where you can sell very soon. Any rude or offensive members will be deleted.

The admins of this magnificent group have settled on the following general rules.
These rules, however solid, are subject to minor changes in the future.
1. The advertising of products in order to sell them is not allowed.
2. The advertisement of products that people are willing to part with for free is allowed. No profit is made and everyone likes free stuff. It would be silly to deprive the masses of free stuff.
4. Spamming of any kind will not be tolerated.
Seeing the same advertisement, announcement or political message 3 or 4 times a day is annoying, and we will deal with spammers appropriately.
5. Offering services, paid or unpaid, to people is a great way of making small businesses work and making people's lives easier. Helping each other, offering services regarding transportation, housing, maintenance, social binding, finances etc. is greatly encouraged.
6. Any services of the above nature, that are being perceived as such by the admins AND the group as being scams and/or being of a criminal nature,
repercussions will include; permanent banning from the group, reporting to facebook, possible investigation into the extent of the scam, possible reporting of a criminal act to the Danish police.
7. Announcements of a political party or announcements of certain gatherings or activities of a religious nature are tolerated.
However, within limits. Extremism, hatred, bigotry, racism, sexism and the belittling of the "other side of the fence" is NOT TOLERATED IN ANY WAY and will be dealt with accordingly.
This is not a political or religious group and therefore we would like to ask you to keep these activities to a minimum.
8. MLM (multi-level marketing) ads, will be removed without discussion and it's poster immediately banned from this group. MLM is a fancy word for useless financial scheme, where all the money goes to one person, usually a bum crook.