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Make SURE you register for our advanced explaindio video production training series at http://simplevideopro.com/webinar

We go FAR beyond simple video creation using explaindio to show you how to improve the results your videos achieve.

Please see the "Files" section on THIS group at the top for FAQ etc BUT the official training videos and transcripts will all be available inside the TOP menu of your members area under the "Advanced Training" link. Use the "Next" button on the advanced training page to see the subsequent videos.

The purpose of this group is to have FUN
If you are hear to trip out,
whine about broken gear
or otherwise be a downer
You will be asked to leave.

If you are here to bash or flame someone you will be excused without warning.


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Linking to a youtube page containing links on the page NOT conforming to the above.
Linking to your domain with the lure of a free offer just to accomplish siphoning traffic to your domain.

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If you have a product/service you want to offer to our group then you should take the appropriate steps and submit such requests to us directly.

Further violations of these rules will result in a 3 strike response being applied.

1-You will be advised of the rules and asked to remove the offending material

2-You're post will be removed and you will be warned that the 3rd time you will be banned permanently.

3-See #2

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