Expressions! Lactation Services

This is a breastfeeding support and infant feeding page. I, Lydia McGrew, am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and nutritionist. I serve the Clarksville/Fort Campbell area for home visits, and I am willing to travel further. I am available to offer advice to anyone who requests it, regardless of location. The goal is to provide support and information to families in order for them to make the best feeding decisions they can. I want mamas to be armed with knowledge while they feel the arms of others supporting them.

Please remember a few small rules on this page. 1.) No selling of any kind. We will have a weekly post for buying (ISO items) only on Wednesday's. It is okay to post items for free, but remember this group has members from all over the country, as well as some other countries! 2.) Please do not post snap shots or pictures with others' names in them. We want this group to be a safe place and not to have personal boundary's crossed. 3.) Lastly, if you have a picture to share that may be found 'icky' in any way, please put it in the comments of your post so that not everyone has to see it while scrolling through their newsfeed.

Thank you so much for keeping this an educational and supportive environment!!!