Extraordinary Translation Jobs

Translation jobs for the mid-end and high-end market.

We make no exceptions.

A. Will only be admitted it they are professional translators or agencies. This must be proven by including a publicly accessible link to either a LinkedIn profile, ATA profile, IAPTI profile or professional website in the [About >Work and Education] section or the [About > Contact Info > Website] section of their Facebook profile. Links to private websites, Facebook pages, Proz.com pages or third-party profiles are not considered adequate. Links may not be sent to admins in private messages.
B. May not post advertisements.

A. Should at least mention the following:
2. DEADLINE: (Never more than 4000 words per day, preferably way less)
B. Should at least adhere to the following:
3. OFFERED RATE: (Never less than 0.08 euro per source word/character 37 euro per hour, preferably way more)
4. OFFERED PAYMENT TERMS: (Never longer than 45 days net, preferably way shorter)

A. Your postings will be removed and you will be banned permanently from the group if your postings do not adhere to the above, if it can be proven you did not adhere to the terms you stated or if you ask for free test translations longer than 300 words.
B. General calls for translators in any given language pair are not allowed. The group is not intended as a means to expand your agency's database.

A. Is not responsible for the quality of the translations delivered by people bidding on job postings.

A. The stated minimum rates and payment terms are that: the bare minimum. If you are looking for quality translators, we strongly recommend you to up the ante. A lot.
B. We strongly recommend people posting here to have translators do test translations or provide sample translations (less attractive) before actually using their services. A test translation should preferably be paid and if unpaid, never be longer than 300 words. Sample translations are always free.
C. We strongly recommend people posting here to only select translators translating to their native language.
D. If the group owners post a job in this group, this does not mean they actually endorse said job.