Fight against childabuse and violence in institutes and youth care

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Fight Against Child Abuse & Violence Against Children in institutes and youthcare
This group is gonna take care of this social issue ,This group is going to talk to ministers. This group is gonna make changes. We care and gonna do something about it !!! No longer sitting and waiting for a change ,nothing happens if we don,t stand up!!!!! please join and help us to fight against negativity like this in our countries and our lifes. Don,t shut your eyes for this issue. Those kids need US !!!! We are loooking for volunteers to be active with this site and group. We have work, living and trainings projects.We organise fight gala,s ,Martial arts and music & art benefit festivals and events for these kids and this problem!!!! Please join and help !!! let,s make the difference with this group! We are gonna help these kids and adolescents and do not let them get more traumatised and hurt. By starting with our living,working and trainings projects! Osu !