Facebay for Medway

Welcome to FACEBAY FOR MEDWAY this site was created to help people in Medway to BUY, SELL, GIVE AWAY OR TRADE ITEMS. You can also use this site to post your requests for WANTED ITEMS. NO AUCTIONS!

Current ADMINS: Jacqui Whiteley, Donna Edwards and Carol Licorish
We strive to maintain a friendly environment with simple rules/guidelines where everyone is respected and treated fairly.

We welcome new members so feel free to add your friends, remember the more members we have the more we can buy, sell, give away, trade and locate wanted items!


Please add a comment after reading with any questions you may have or just to illustrate that you have read and agree with the guidelines/rules listed. Thank you.

1. General Communication :
Good clear communication is key to successful sales and requests. We would not recommend that telephone numbers or details of where you are meeting someone are posted openly within the group - this should be discussed privately between the parties concerned. However all prices and negotiations should be public.
We are living in a world where opinionss are openingly shared however, thewrittenn word makes for 'feelings and emotions' being overlooked at times thus we have a very important RULE NO ARGUING or being DISRESPECTFUL to each other or to ADMINS. This type of communication will not be tolerated, facebook will be notified if abusive or aggressive language is used. Members found to be engaging in this type of communication will be removed from the group. Members who engage in a Cyber bullying direct to the private inbox of another will also be banned.
When communicating with another member or when seeking to gain the attention of an admin please 'tag' them within your comment. This will normally occur when you start to type their name, sometimes its necessary to use @name (no gaps just start typing their name) select their name from the drop down list. This will allow facebook to notify them and get their attention. Remember that not all members use a computer to use facebook and mobiles can make receiving notifications confusion - thus it may be beneficial to send a private message if you don't hear a reply within 24/48hrs.

2. Selling an Item:
Where possible your item should have a PICTURE!
If you have many items they should be placed within an album then carefully have descriptions added to each. This will keep your current sales organised and easy to find. (*guidance to be created and shared as doc)
Add the following information: Location, Description - PLEASE BE HONEST include history of the item, condition i.e. new or used, proof of ownership/receipt if applicable,warranty, Price, Delivery Details i.e. to be collected or fee for delivery.
No counterfeit items - If you can not describe your item as guided above perhaps this isn't the right group/site for your item. Posts may be deleted if the suggested guidance isn't followed or the post is deemed misleading. ADMIN's are not legal experts and take no responsibilities for the post of the items sold or bought - this is between the members concerned who should qualify they both understand what they are in fact buying and selling. However will remind members of how to protect themselves and highlight dangers of buying items that are of a substandard etc. (recommend: http://www.direct.gov.uk/)
No Pets -You may place a post to rehome an animal for free - although their are better sites for this. You can repromote this type of post ONCE A DAY. Lost animal posts can be added.
No Knives, guns or solvents/glues. No Diet Pills/herbal etc. - these posts will be deleted

Multi site listing: Recently this has started to demonstrate a problem, sellers who list on many sites have to ensure 'good' communication and that their posts are up to date. If your item is listed on more then one site, add 'listed elsewhere' on your post. Our recommendation would be to have your item listed for at least a week in one place before placing on other sites.

Sold Subject to Collection (SSC):When your item is Sold and awaiting collection please Tag the member who you are selling too, with expected collection date (ensures all parties have understood who is buying and when) It also lets others know the item is no longer available.

Collected: Congratulations all - please thank each other and leave feedback if applicable. At this point the post/picture can be deleted. Thank you.

3. Buying an Item:
Satisfaction that goods are of a quality and standard that you expect:
We can not stress enough the importance of asking QUESTIONS!
If used, ask questions regarding any marks, stains, pieces missing, washed and ready to wear? UK sizes or measurements of chest etc. Do not MAKE ASSUMPTIONS FROM THE PHOTOGRAPH OR THAT YOUR STANDARDS ARE THE SAME AS THE SELLERS.
The seller should provide details of reason for sale, items history etc..(see selling an item) these can be used to guide any questions you may have. If the item is a brand name or designer label ask the member to qualify proof of this - it is your decision at this point whether or not to part with hard earned cash if you do not get the answers you need. Counterfeit items are not encouraged on this site however people all try to make money how they can, sometimes copies look good..but can be full of hidden dangers. BE INFORMED.
Confirm method of payment before going to collect the item. Confirm that the item is working or in the condition you expected before parting with your money. IF ELECTRICAL ASK TO SEE THE ITEM WORKING - MAKE YOUR OFFER TO BUY SUBJECT TO SEEING THE ITEM WORKING UPON COLLECTION! etc.
Please consider carefully your use of paypal for an item, ensure you are protecting your rights as a buyer read paypal.com for full details of the best method to make a purchase using their service.
Please be sensible about meeting people for collection - i.e. not alone..late at night (BE SAFE)

* Polite communication when confirming details of price and willingness to negotiate. If you require a person to hold an item, express why you need some grace of time, i.e. transport or funds. If you have changed your mind please inform them within 24/48hrs - noting that if this conduct of non following through with a purchase is witnessed up to 3 times you will be removed from the group.
NOTE: Admins should be informed of members who do not follow through with a purchase, who haven't given you 24/48 hrs notice of their change of mind. Therefore Recommend - holding period not to extend past 3 days unless you are willing to take names and create your own list of possible 'buyers'

4. Requesting a WANTED Item:
Request the age and condition of the item you seek, with an idea of the price range you are expecting to pay for it. Add your location and express how far you can travel for the item, or if you would require the item to be posted.

Offer: If you respond to a WANTED post - please list the condition of the item, price or suggested price range to start negotiations and where the item is located. If applicable indicate if you are able to deliver etc. TAG THE 'MEMBER' who made the request. Give the member time to respond - 24/48hrs

Received an offer: Thank those who replied and change your post comment to 'Awaiting delivery or Collection'

When you have the item in your posession please thank the member and delete the post. IF the member has a feedback section in their album please leave them feedback.

5. Promoting your items or request:
IF your item isn't selling consider the following methods to repromote or advertise your item or request: add a comment, lower the price, provide extra information regarding the item.
You can repromote an item twice in any 24 hour period.

Some may not realise how useful it is to provide extra details that further enhance the item being sold, if you forget a name of the person selling etc. you are more likely to recall details of the item and these aid your search. The word 'bump' does not. POSTS using this method to repromote will be deleted. Admin will contact those seen to repeatedly use this method and these members are noted for their lack of care for the rules, after 3 reminders they are removed from the group.

6. Selling pages, Small Business and Services:

Selling pages, you can promote your page once a day - those who have subscribed to you should receive your updates within their notifications.
Small Businesses and Services can promote your page once a week
Handmade items require an album, you can promote your page once a week or daily depending on how you have set up your facebook for these items. see above.
All above members should have term of sales or prices within their album or post. So that pricing is public and easily available.
Would recommend a feedback image for your album too so that 'members' who have used your service can comment to your conduct.
Other groups: cross posting to promote your group - once a week only thank you by the admin only of the group.

7. Complaints/Concerns: All complaints should only be sent by message to Jacqui Whiteley. (Admin) if you haven't received a reply within 24/48hrs please forward your message to Carol Licorish (Admin)

Personal information like phone numbers and detailed information regarding where and when you are meeting someone could place you in danger, please discuss these aspects within facebook messenging. REMEMBER: IN THE MAIN YOU WILL NOT KNOW THE PERSON ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COMPUTER, NOR DO YOU KNOW WHO IS READING THE INFORMATION VIA UPDATES OF FRIENDS ACTIVITIES SUBSCRIPTIONS ETC.

9. We have all joined facebook agreeing to the terms and conditions contained within it. We believe that this group contains members that are over the age of 13, as a group who members buy and sell we consider our members to be 18 years and above. (Although this isn't verified). However the administrators of the group are not liable for any misrepresentation of items sold, this includes used and new items that may have strict health and safety recommendations attached to them i.e. car seats and baby cribs. Nor are we accountable for false product information or substandard products being offered. However the admins of the group should be informed by message of any conduct that you feel needs to be brought to our attention regarding misrepresentation of a product or no shows for collection. So that members who repeatedly conduct themselves in this way can be removed and banned from the group.

It is a condition of being a member of the group that you read the rules and guidelines and follow them. Should you feel you are unable to follow the above please remove yourself from the group.