Faceless Trader

Who is the Faceless trader?
Hello. My real name is Nikki Yu, but you can call me “FT” instead. I do not claim to be a recognized expert in making money successfully in the markets. In fact, what I can rightfully claim though is that I have been pretty good at failing and making all the beginner mistakes. I’ve made money but wiped out most of them as well as my own capital. I’ve made a lot of mistakes but I’ve learned to just learn from them.

Why follow me?
Simple: You learn more from one’s losses than one’s successes.

Most real-world traders will show their personal track records, spanning 10 year horizons. They’ll show you how they managed to turn their $10,000 investments into millions. What I can tell you is that not all of them are fakes. It is real and true that there are risk managers out there who have done that. Jack Schwager interviews these top market wizards on their incredible stories and you can go ahead get your own copies. Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg both co-wrote how average people managed to make millions trading the currency markets. Michael Covel writes the legend of the Turtle traders. Timothy Sykes wrote his own book. Nicholas Darvas. Jesse Livermore. Warren Buffett. You name it.

The reason I am still here today is a function of two things.
One, I have bosses, trading mentors and friends, who’ve been patient enough to guide me throughout my own trading hell and were willing to stake out not merely their own money, but also their time, in allowing me to reap trading gains for them in the future. They, it turns out, are not merely good in making money, but also in empowering people’s potentials and tapping them for God’s glory. Traders help each other!

Two, I am here today, because I believe that I love what I do and it makes me grow as a person. I wake up thinking that I want to beat the market and make money everyday (even if I know it’s not possible). The process of beating it is a lifelong fulfillment. Not only do I find it stressful and challenging, it also relives in me the dream that by making it, I do not merely have the money in the bank, but the satisfaction that I did it through skill, and yes a lot of luck.