Fairfield University Class of 2018

Welcome to the OFFICIAL Fairfield University Class of 2018 Facebook Group for admitted students!

Consider this an open conversation space where you can meet new people, talk about your college search, and of course ask questions about Fairfield! The goal of this group is to help you can make the best decision for YOU. We are not here to prevent you from being honest about your college options and would hope that you will help each other out.

If you use a fake name, nickname or you creatively spell your name on Facebook, please email Corey Novak at [email protected] or Matthew Dempsey at [email protected] to confirm your identity.

It is preferable that you use your REAL NAME in this group in order for people to get to know one another.

Group Rules:

1. Be respectful of one another.

2. Watch your language.

3. Do not discuss topics/post pictures of events that require the legal age of 21 to take part in.