Fall Back into Fitness

SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER--time to get back on the grind and fall back into fitness!!

This group is dedicated to helping people who are committed to achieving their health and fitness goals. This is a forum for people going through the Fall Back into Fitness Challenge to ask questions, show off their progress, share information, showcase recipes, support one another, post pictures and videos and anything else that makes for a fun and interesting group dynamic! This is a place where everyone is welcomed and accepted.

As Beachbody Coaches, we will guide much of the conversation daily, however we ENCOURAGE everyone to actively participate and lead conversations themselves. This is how learning and growth occur!

We don't want to change people--we want to help people enhance their lifestyles. We believe in total health--mind, body, soul.
We want to help you find the undeniable power within to lead the happiest, fullest and healthiest life imaginable.
And, hey, we want everyone to be super FIT--for that is a product of your effort and dedication!

With social media harboring so much negativity and body-bashing, let's use this social media platform to better ourselves and prove that social media CONNECTION can indeed be good for our society, improve health and form valuable relationships with people along the way. This is how the world changes for the better, and people become happier and more free.

Lastly, we help you to plant your seed and succeed, and with that triumph and mastery, we hope to forge COACHES and leaders out of you! Upon completion of a challenge, you can join our coaching team and help us lead the future challenges and earn income at the same time!

We look forward to helping you become your best!