BUY THE BOOK: MattG's Guide to Grocery Shopping, now on

This is a word of mouth group. I just want to get the word out that this piece of literature history is being spread as far as it can. So, invite your friends, and let them find out how they can support me. (Even if they don't even know me)

The steps:

Hit up, and make sure you have an account. Create one if you don't have one. (everyone should if you have been on Earth the last couple of years)

Download the kindle app for the appropriate device, and go to the kindle store link from the app.

Look up MattG's Guide to Grocery Shopping, and purchase!

It's only 2.99, so don't be cheap, this economy sucks and I am determined to rise about it.

Post your reviews or comments on this group and let anyone and everyone know if you think it is any good.

Last step, invite anyone you know to this group, especially if I met you and you moved. Invite your new friends and let them decide what they think too.

And finally, I thank anyone who gives me support in any way. I slave away at a grocery store for a few years to finally have enough rage to right about it. So, show me my efforts aren't in vain, and show support!

Thanks again,