FanBox Blogger

Hi my wonderful friends from all over the world, no matter where you come from, Asia, America, Africa or Australia, Hetero, By-sex, Gays or Lesbians, our group aims to change the stereotypical image that is drawn about some people on the media, and to make you objectively discover who they are, we invite the world to be aware and to start seeing us as we actually are, and not as the media portray us. You are welcome to talk about different topics here as far as you respect some lines:

1.Respect others’ opinions even if you disagree, try to reflect and discuss in a civilized respectful way.

2.Try to communicate in English so that almost all the members around the world understand your messages, nevertheless, you can motivate them to learn!
Why not?

3.There is no harm to use your own languish from time to time if you see that it conveys better your ideas.

4. Respect the others’ differences, no racism, no sexism, no insults.

For the Better to Succeed!
"FanBox Bloger"