Market Sale Jordan ( Official Group )

For everyone who is joining, Thank you!!! I am sick of being deleted by admins that don't like when people make a comment that is truthful. If you want to buy something from someone on here and your want to resell it.....GO FOR IT!!

If you want to post your Local Small Business you are encouraged to post here!!!

When we reach 1000 members we ask to limit your posts to bumping 2-3 times per item per day. No sexually explicit items and/or illegal items allowed.

Other than that... the only rule is.....THERE ARE NO RULES!!!
Have fun and Happy Selling.

If you don't want your email to be bogged down.....go up to notifications and click "OFF" If you were added and didn't want to be added, you can go up and click the wheel and leave the group.....sorry for the inconvenience.
also...when you click on the notifications on settings and un-check the box so your reg email wont get slammed with stuff too.

If you have any issues with this site, please let us know and we will try to fix it.

If all you want to do is complain...then leave the same way you came in. I am not here to babysit is too short so get over it!!!