Fashion iLIKE™

Fashion iLIKE was created and established in April 2008 and is still one of the most spoken about Fashion Groups around....

The reason why it is what it is, is because its different from most Fashion things around....

I had orginally created this group just out the interest and love i have for everything Fashionable, in which it has gained more than 6000 members, which im very happy about.

Ppl are free to upload pictures, leave topics on discussion Board etc..

Theres ALOT OF GIRLS/GUYS that also have a love 4Fashion and everything about it, and for others whom find it hard to find your perfect Dress, shoes or need advise on whats hott and whats not Fashion iLIKE has been designed to give members the chance to see and decide what works and what doesnt!!!!.whats been worn and who wore it best....etc

Any pics tht u see which have been uploaded to this group i'd appreciate EVERYONE to be respectfulful when leaving comments to NOT be disrespectful in any way shape or form as we all no EVERYONE will have something to say, NOT everyone is going to like whats been worn but you need to remember what is your taste will not be someone else's cuppa tea!!

Remember you can critize in a good way

As you are all FASHIONISTA's in your own right, i would like to know all ur views on each and every photo, what YOU feel would have worked better with what the person has worn, whats missing, Is she/he wearing the wrong shoes?? whatever it mayb...simply leave your views and just remember please do not be rude wen leaving comments....

(Fashion iLIKE has been established since April 2008)