Faster broadband for Keele

Dear friends,

Please encourage other Keele campus & village residents to join this group. We are not getting the broadband speeds we are paying for and it would be good to let BT & our service providers know how much we resent this. We should also stake a claim to any future infrastructure improvements.

There are several easy things everyone can do:

1: Complete the Staffordshire Council survey on broadband speed by clicking here:

They say: "We are keen to ensure everyone has access to high quality broadband speeds. It’s good for the economy, prosperity and community...Five years ago, the county council worked with BT and other partners to make sure all Staffordshire phone exchanges could offer broadband. But there are still pockets where internet access is a problem. We need to know what problems this is causing you, where and why."
The survey closes on 31st July, so please do this now. Please pass this on to friends and neighbours who may not be Facebook users.

2: Register your interest in BT's Infinity product, which delivers high-speed broadband via fibre-optic cables:
It's half way down the page - you have to check if your line can already receive it, then register your interest if you can't.

3: Contact Cllr Tony Kearon so that he can raise this issue with the Borough Council – [email protected]
Tony's blog post on this matter:

If you can think of anything else to crystallise our several dissatisfactions into an effective single voice, please share it here!