Cosplay & Anime Buy/Sell/Trade

A place to buy, sell, & trade used cosplay, wigs, accessories and more!

Please read and abide by the rules. You will be given 1 private warning, 1 public warning, and if the problem exceeds further you will be blocked and black-listed.

Weapons with real blades are not allowed. Wooden props are fine.
No food items.
No recalled items.
Bump only ONCE every two weeks
Do not make your own folder, please distribute your items into the folders provided. If you do not see a folder for your item then I probably do not want it sold here.
Commissioners- I am a commissioner myself and I do want business. Please do not flood users with your commission offers. Place the details in the proper folder and allow customers to come to you.
If an item is sold, remove it and wait for your customer to give you feedback.
Fair prices please. A used manga is NOT worth the price you bought it for.
If you see another commissioner has a potential customer, please do not step in and advertise yourself on their posts. It is rude and selfish.
If you have been scammed, please contact Alyssa Rye(me) with evidence.
Please no outside links. We do not want any viruses.
Have fun, be polite, leave feedback.