FatBikes SG

'The Original'

This group is created for FAT things only, and by that, we mean fat bike stuff and to avoid unnecessary flooding, do clear ur sales po1st once sold & those 'expired' bike events too. If not, magic will happen. In addition, page will remain 'public' & post dats not related to FAT will be removed. Thank you & ride safe!

Please post sales thread using the "sell somethng" tab, thanks.

And when recommend a shop, just dun say go xxxx place they got, a lot of shops also got a lot of stuff,. pls post brand, make, model and price. Please be relevant. Dun be a whore.

NO ASTRO-TURFING and no TROLLS cos i am a bigger trolll than you.

If you abide by these ultra simple rules i won;t breathe down yer neck, you place, everyone will play nice, you challenge admin decision you are p-banned and will put on a banned list.

- Banned list (https://www.facebook.com/notes/fatbikes-sg-/users-banned-list/861968260542429)