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Jose Sanchez
Each individual selling, buying, and exchanging products on this site must follow the 5 simple rules in order to maintain this page being a civilized and safe marketplace.

1 - Shipping Information such as Tracking Number, Label, and Company Career must be provided within 3-10 Buisness days. Information related to shipping is required but receipt is mandatory.

2 - Payments must be via PayPal 'Invoice' or Gifted 'Goods & Services' only. This creates a much more secure and safe way of transferring money to one another with 100% protection guaranteed. Nike Gift Cards and Nike Vouchers may be used as payment but at your own risk.

3 - Be respectful to one another. Try not to cause conflict within the group, make sure to result the matter with a simple Inboxed message to the individual you may need to confront about anything specific.

4 - Please report scams or replica items if somebody is claiming the item being sold is authentic. You may comment saying the item is fake or advise an admin to delete the post. Posts that state the item being sold is a replica are fine.

5 - Make sure to state Size and Condition of the item you are selling. Item description is optional.

Thank you for reviewing the rules of the Soccer Marketplace. Feel free to add others into the page and have a fun experience on the page (: