Expat Events in Delhi

In the mood for some fun?

Ready to party? Looking for a place to unwind with other people who know that it's like to be working in the fast, multi-cultural world of an international organisation?

A place where everyone is not in his or her native country, and where you can relax and let loose and be exactly who you are and just have a good time?

Expat events gives you this opportunity by arranging several times a year, different kinds of events that are exclusively for expats and staff of international organisations & companies in New Delhi.

Inspired by the people around me, I decided to organise a bit of fun.

Expat Events are Weekly events bringing the expat community together. Averaging between 125 – 300 people per event depending on themes.

If you would like to be informed about the activities then join the group.

Our events are exclusively for the International Community and people related to International Organisations.

For more details feel free to contact [email protected]+919810962562/+919456522122