Fernley Dog Park Mingle

I created this group for individuals who like to go to the two dog parks in Fernley. One located at the Out of Town park and the Second one located at Green Valley Park.
This is a great way that people can get to know each other and there fur babies as well. We all cannot be at the park together; however, others may have the same breed and can help with advice, training techniques, support, share information on lost/found pets, or just telling stories about there fur baby.
Also this page is good to update others on what changes that may have occurred at the park; such as: the fence is down, or fence has a whole in it, tree is down, water is off due to winter, etc. We all go to the park for the same reasons and I would hope we all would want the same thing; a safe place for our fur babies to play at.
PLEASE NOTE: This group is not to be used for the breeding of dogs or sale of puppies.
Please be respectful to others since this is a group that is for information, support and just to show off what you love and that is your pet and of course we want to see those great funny and caught in the act photos too.
If you do not have anything nice to say then please do not say it at all. If you just cannot be nice then this group is just not for you.