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Having money ,even lots of it,does not automatically give a person style.Neither does a lack of money preclude anyone from possessing style.Like sex appeal ,style is indefinable,someone either has it or they don't.Unlike sex appeal however,style can be acquired.People all too readily fall into the trap of assuming that having the right house,car and clothes automatically endows them with style.Regrettably,this is rarely so-style is about more than material accessories.In fact,very few people are blessed with true innate style.Most have to work at it,which is why those that possess a singular sense of style stand out from the crowd.And therefore this group is destined to be a small one.
So what is exactly style?Only a fool would say it is easy to define in precise terms.One could safely say that style closely resembles a jig-saw made up of qualities and attributes which when pieced together draw a picture that is both pleasing and charismatic.
Individual idiosyncrasies can also be deliberately fashioned to enrich the overall effect with gestures such as,a minute trick with a scarf,the way a cigar is lit or even the way a newspaper is opened.But beware,designer style can be just as ''naff'' as overdoing the designer labels.Never for one moment should style look contrieved,all should be implemented with great aplomb and easy carelessness.
Style is generally recognized as a mixture of worthy qualities.These include self-assurance,charm,good taste,bearing an ability to cope,consideration and compassion for others,poise,an unfaltering eye for colour and form,an ear for music,a discerning palate,an unerring memory for faces and names,a prodificiency in the world at large,a quick sense of humor and,of course ,indefatigable good manners.