Far Eastern University (Institute of Technology) Diliman Q.C.

FEU institute of Technology was housed in Diliman Q. C. Campus 40 ha property, which is Fern Ayala Village now. FEU reopened its College of Engineering in 2001 and in 2003 merge to, which is now FEU-East Asia College of Engineering and Computer Studies.

This group is for all the students and professors of Far Eastern University at the Institute of Technology, wherein discussion of the schoolmates, batch-mates and classmates shall become the initial stage of acquaintance for the preparation and planning of a grand event to meet everyone. Every year each batch will enjoin their batch mates and classmates in the celebration of grand alumni homecoming. We may also include enjoining interested parties, which graduated in either summer or October of any batch to have an option to choose their batch they wanted to be in. All Engineering Discipline: Civil, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial, and other included at the Institute, you are welcome as well as those who graduated @ FEU-East Asia College of Engineering and Computer Studies.