Fevicryl Hobby Ideas

"Group Rules.
#1 - This group is ONLY for sharing your hobbies and crafts. You may NOT share crafts found on the internet. You can share from another site/link only if you made that. Pleple knows how to check other site.
#2 - Questions about tutorials, a technique you need advice on, if you are looking for a certain type of tutorial, or even advice on learning about a craftin general, it's allowed.
#3 - DO NOT share random pictures or links of something you made. If you post a picture of something and someone asks you how it is made, do respond.
#4 – DO NOT start social or non hobby related conversations (Don't ask question for baby name).
#5 - DO NOT post advertising for non craft items. This includes fully ready made clothes, factory made jewelry, etc. If you SPAM you will be BANNED.
#6 - DO NOT simply post a link of your page asking people to just like your page.
#7 - If anyone makes rude or mean comments. You will be banned
#8 - No more post is allowed related to interior decoration, Cakes, Chocolate, fruit salad. This includes carving of fruits and vegetables.
#9 - Do NOT sell your craft here. This is NOT a shopping page. Any mention of orders or price whether in the original posts or comments will lead to members being banned.
#10 - Do not post pictures of dresses you have sewn or designed. Do not post embroidery work.
#11 - Do NOT start threads asking where your post went. IF your post is missing, it means you have broken a rule. Do not try to argue with admins on what art is. The Admins are
1. Anil Kumar Mahapatra
2. Puja Sood
3. Hema Murali
4. Nithya Vasudevan
5. Trupti Anil
#12 - There will be no intimation to members before their posts are deleted. It is NOT an admin's job to keep warning people when the rules are laid out. It IS a member's responsibility to read the rules and abide by them
#13 - Fancy dress is permitted. However, please do NOT post pictures of your kids in Gods/Goddess/politician dresses. We will look for creativity in a fancy dress. So the decision will be Admins'. If we feel a dress is not creative, it will be deleted.
#14 DO NOT (let me repeat) DO NOT start threads in here talking about the group's effectiveness or about your concerns regarding the quality of posts. Such posts will simply be deleted and the poster and commentors banned. We DO NOT need tedious posts in this group. If you have any concerns regarding any post, please message the admins. Any arguments or unnecessary/unhelpful/mean comments on posts will lead to people being banned.
#15 - It is every member's duty to help keep this group clean. So report posts that do not follow rules. If we find members complaining about bad posts or about admins not taking action on any thread, they will be banned. Admins do not pre-approve or monitor 24/7. So we expect members to behave and follow rules."