Fibromyalgia Fighters

Welcome to Fibromyalgia Fighters!
Please read before asking to join our group. This is a very special one of a kind group where the emphasis of our discussions revolve around natural, alternative, functional and homeopathic therapies and protocols. Conventional medicine has its place at times but it does not address the root cause of our illnesses and suffering.
IMPORTANT GROUP RULES: There is absolutely no advertising or selling of products allowed in this group and will not be tolerated. Please be respectful of our rules.
Also, please be kind and respectful of others at all times.

Also about this group. We are trying to raise awareness about different treatment protocols including Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum who has had fibro/cfs in the past and has overcome it. All of the information and advice you may read about in our group is straight from doctors like Jacob Teitelbaum and other credible sources.
We also have a lot of fun in this group unlike any other. So, if you are a kind-hearted individual who is looking for a special family and want to overcome fibro/cfs like we do and can kindly abide by our group rules, then we would be happy to add you to our family. Otherwise it will be "Hasta la vista baby."