Fifth Precept Meditation Group

Everyone on the Buddhist path is in recovery from greed, hatred and delusion; for some of us that manifests as particular cravings and aversions accompanied by an awful lot of confusion!

This group is OPEN (public) to anyone aspiring to - and supportive of - abstinence from intoxicants as a preferred lifestyle choice - for whatever reason. Obviously, this may appeal to many people struggling with addictions and compulsions but it is not limited or restricted to those individuals who might readily identify with being 'in recovery'.

The 5th Precept group promotes the use of Buddhist teachings, traditions and practices to help and support the wholesome desire to live a life free of alcohol and other drugs (and free of their negative consequences to the individual and society).

As such, this Group (or Sangha to use the Buddhist term) may be particularly helpful to those individuals recovering from the suffering caused by addictive behaviours.

The intention of this group is simply to support our own and each other’s ongoing abstinence using various Buddhist meditation techniques and discussion.

Open to people of all backgrounds, and respectful of all recovery paths (if any), this group promotes mindfulness and meditation, and is grounded in Buddhist principles of non-harming, compassion and interdependence.

It is important to know that...

* You do not have to be a Buddhist to take refuge in the Fifth Precept.
* You do not have to be a Buddhist to practice meditation.

There is now scientific, as well as anecdotal, evidence of the benefits of meditation for better health and well-being; but knowing this is not enough... it is the time spent on the cushion that counts.

We hope you can join us.