Fight EVERY Fine

If you are searching for a remedy for unjust and unjustified "penalties" imposed roadside toward you ...... then this page may be for you.

I used to drive long distance Line Haul Heavy Vehicles (B'Doubles) for a living, and often heard about (and experienced) the unjust, and unjustified, fines and infringement notices served on the motoring public..... along with a load of other "issues"!

Nothing on this page is to be construed as Legal Advice.... but there are some things you need to know in order to keep your hard earned cash.

No-one goes out of their way to be copped with a roadside fine or an infringement notice in the mail.

So here are some suggested steps to take.....

FIRST.... Contest EVERY and ANY fine and infringement you might receive. Start by downloading the "Request for a Review" document out of the "files" section above (you need to be on a computer to see these files....)

SECOND.... It costs you NOTHING to elect to have ANY and EVERY infringement and/or fine heard in a court of competent jurisdiction.

THIRD.... We can share information with you that may even stymie ANY and EVERY infringement and/or fine you receive from even getting to court.

FOURTH..... You will need to educate yourself as to whether the information shared here on this page is useful in your particular circumstance.

FIFTH..... If you PM or INBOX me your details, (preferably with a return phone number) I can call you to discuss your particular circumstance.

There is a form of words I can share with you when you contact me, that you can write across ANY and EVERY infringement fine or notice your receive and send it back to those threatening to extort money from you with menaces, which can have the effect of stymieing said notice BEFORE it even gets to court.

Make sure you listen to this series of YouTube information...... if you do nothing else today.....YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS.....

...and also to the others in the series!

Also make sure you continue to read further information in the comments below..........\/\/\/

Remember to go to the "Files" button above and read and download all the information contained in there to help you in your particular circumstance.

If you have specific questions or require assistance, simply PM me... Cliff York.

WARNING.... no uncivil or antisocial comments or behaviour will be tolerated on this forum.... We have a "two strikes and you are out" policy. The choice is yours.... you have been warned!!