Filipino Travel Photography

Welcome to Filipino Travel Photography! We
are here because of our same passion and appreciation to Photography. FTP will now have a new rules, and new perspective to
explore more our talent, passion and creativity in Photography.

1. All members should post their own photo. PLAGIARISM will NOT be tolerated. Show the world what you GOT in Travel Photography.

2. Members are encouraged to CREATE their own ALBUM, so your posts/photos will just be in one place, and will be more organized.

3. DO NOT post links to your own albums form your personal account or personal page.

4. DO NOT post personal ads, events or any other announcements without the Admins permission.

5. Nude photos are Prohibited, only in ARTISTIC way. Any nude or vulgar photos will be automatically deleted.

6. We expect nothing but respect from each other, avoid offensive comments, swearing or bad-mouthing. We are all creative in our own way.

7. Members are welcome to promote their own page, blogs and website. There is a folder under "Files" titled: Personal Websites & Blogs.

8. We do not allow members to SPAM other people’s photo.

9. Refrain from thanking each one of the persons who "LIKED" your photo. A Simple "THANKS ALL" would be okay. New Photos must be on TOP of the News feed.

10. FTP Daily Theme:
When posting photos, please indicate its location.

MON & TUE: Landscapes Theme (Cityscapes, Urbanscapes, Seascapes and other interesting places and Local sceneries).

WED & THUR: People Theme (especially the Locals, Local Events and Local customs, culture, traditions and daily life. Self travel portraits are also allowed).

FRI: Black & White Theme (TRAVEL)


11. Strictly 3 photos ONLY per day.

12. Each week , One (1) Photo will be selected to be the “COVER PHOTO” for that week (with the highest LIKES) and will be featured as “FTP People's Choice Photo of the Week".

13. At the end of the week, ADMINS will choose one (1) favorite photo and will be featured as "FTP Best Photo of the Week". We will pin it on our wall (with owner's permission) for the entire week.

Everyone is free to invite their friends to join the group (Filipinos and Non-Filipinos are welcome to join-in)

We are happy to have you all here, HAPPY POSTING EVERYONE!!!

(Mark, Jijo, Thorek, Jaypee and Vinabelle)